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Enjoy Free Xbox Gift Card Codes

Posted by Zacinaction on January 2, 2021

Either you’re a professional gamer, as now being an evolving way of sustenance, or you just play for fun. You’ll never run out of games to play especially if you are an Xbox user. The biggest reason people prefer playing on Xbox is gift cards. Yes,  you read it right, Xbox Gift Cards.

If you don’t know about Xbox gift cards, you’ll soon know it and will be grateful that you stuck with this article. If you do know about Xbox Gift cards and Xbox gift card codes it is still worth reading. We have listed some ways you can get free Xbox, Xbox one gift cards without any survey. Hard to believe? Wouldn’t be after you get them for real.

What are Xbox gift cards and Xbox gift card codes?

Xbox gift cards can be bought in physical or digital form and are a great choice as a present. An Xbox gift card allows you to buy the latest games for your Xbox or your PC. There is no restriction to what you want, you can stock up on the latest launched games and even apps, movies, music, etc.

You can use both Physical and Digital gift cards to get the latest, most popular Xbox games. You can use these cards in a Microsoft store, on windows, Xbox, or online on official websites. With an Xbox gift card, you give to a friend or family you don’t just give them a casual gift. You give them the freedom to choose from a large stock of games, movies, and even Devices like Xbox 360 and Xbox one!

 You can get everything available on Xbox, even make in-app purchases with an Xbox gift card. You can buy Maps, Levels, coins, and even Xbox Live Gold codes and game pass. These Xbox gift cards, the physical ones have a code on them that you can use to redeem the gift card on Microsoft Site. While you can also get an Xbox gift card code in digital form on your email.

These Xbox codes are available in limited numbers and you can buy gift cards worth a certain amount. You can purchase gift cards worth 15$, 20$, 25$, 30$, 50$ and 100$. Xbox gift cards are the best choice as gifts to let your gamer friend buy whichever game he likes.

Get Free Xbox gift cards and Xbox gift codes

There are many ways to get a free Xbox gift card and the most popular one surveys. Even now if you google “how to get a free Xbox gift card” the Swagbucks will be one of the top 10 results you’ll find. That’s where we will start about the paces and ways you can get a free Xbox gift card or Gift card code.

Free Xbox Gift Cards Codes
  • 1. Swagbucks
  • Swagbuck is the best and legitimate way to get an Xbox gift card worth 15$. It is a free service where you can earn cash or gift cards by doing simple tasks. You can make a Swagbucks account and sign up for free. By taking surveys, shopping online or in-person, watching videos, playing games, and taking advantage of promos.

  • 2. Lifepoints
  • This site is not much different from Swagbucks just that here you get life points, it’s digital point currency. This is only for surveys with which you can get life points and with life points, rewards. Either you can earn enough to buy an Xbox gift card or you can get a free Xbox gift card as your reward.

To earn points and eventually a free Xbox gift card you have to do some simple tasks. By playing mini-games, watching videos, and taking paid surveys you can get free points. Not just gift cards, you can get up to 279 different rewards. Once you redeem points, Idle-Empire will directly send your free Xbox gift card to your registered email. 

Free Xbox gift cards no surveys

Doing surveys every day for weeks just for a free Xbox gift card code may seem too much. If not too much, then too boring and on a second thought a useless activity. If you’re okay with the survey well after knowing the alternatives you may find these better, or try both. The more the better so here are some ways to get free Xbox gift card codes:

1. Using Bing as your default search engine

This is the best alternative to get free Xbox one money codes no survey required. Every time you use Bing to make a search you get a reward point from Microsoft. Since you get rewards points from the user regularly, it’s better to make it your default browser. You also get points by doing tasks every day, for each task you get one point. By simple compounding, you can get free Xbox codes.

You can get the benefit of this by signing into your Microsoft account. After signing into your account go to Bing rewards and make your profile. By making just 150 searches per month you can stay enrolled in the program. The site also offers referral rewards, and you get 100 points for every friend you invite to the program. 

2. Using Reddit and staying active on it

Reddit is a site for discussions and forums on almost every topic, even free Xbox gift card codes. This Redddits topic has a frequent discussion about  Xbox codes and giveaways. During festive seasons or an important time of the year, there are multiple giveaways of Xbox game passes and free Xbox gift cards.

By joining topics and being constantly updated about the giveaways and discussion of free Xbox gift codes. You may get lucky once or twice to get hold of a free Xbox code-shared by another user or a generous gamer.

3. Youtube and other streaming sites

Nowadays gaming and streaming have become quite trendy and popular. Some popular YouTubers and gamers make their money through these sites. At times Game companies approach them to promote their game and give them games and accessories. Most YouTubers do giveaways of free Xbox gift cards and Xbox codes on their Youtube channel.

If you become a regular viewer or permanent subscriber of their youtube video. You may even win the chance to get a free Xbox code. Every time a new game is launched these YouTubers do a giveaway on their youtube channel or Discord Server. 

Xbox one gift card generator and free Xbox gift codes

This heading might have caught you off guard as there was no information given till now about the gift card generator. Not just a gift card generator but one that generates for free, sounds appealing, rights? That’s exactly how these sites work, by being appealing and catchy.

These sites are nothing but a scam, they’ll ask about your details like emails and contact. After you sign, they’ll offer you get a free Xbox gift code generated. In most cases, these codes are used by Xbox gift codes. Microsoft has a security code system, years of work done by multiple developers. It is evident that any site can’t just hack it and generate codes.


It is advisable to either purchase Xbox gift cards. If you don’t want to spend money you’ve got the alternatives listed above. Do surveys, daily tasks, and watch videos that take less than 30 minutes of your day. If you don’t want to do repetitive surveys then you have more easy and entertaining offers. Try Using the Bing search engine, watching youtube videos of the games you wish to buy with your Xbox codes.

Xbox gift cards are no doubt the best gift choice. It gives options to the receiver to get what he wishes from a large number of options. Couldn’t think of what to gift a gamer dude or family member, pass the trouble of decision making on them with Xbox gift cards!