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Real & Legit Xbox Live Gold Codes

Posted by Zacinaction on March 3, 2021

People still like playing games on xbox 360, because this version of xbox is really oldy goldy. Well xbox has a very amazing gaming pass module known as “Xbox Live Gold”, which has over 100+ high quality games and an EA play membership. With the friendly budget you can enjoy all of these at $9.99 for 1 month.

These Xbox live gold codes are best for multiplayers, you will get access to tons of multiplayer games, like: destiny, PGA2k21, Gear5 and so on. You will get 2 games each month, including xbox 360 compatible games. According to xbox you will also get 50% each store discount on selected Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games. We’ve gathered and found some working Xbox Live gold codes, have a look at them and don't worry if any of them are not working try out our second method of obtaining free xbox codes.

List Of Working Xbox Live Gold Codes

From us it's a little gift for you guys, We bought some codes, these codes will work on any device whether you have Xbox 360 or Xbox X or Xbox One. Copy and Paste these working codes in the redemption section.

S.N Xbox Live Gold Codes
3 bjDdkjfga2
4 1DFB1E7756738
5 6F82B49C36C2F

Note: In case if any of these above codes did not work, then please follow up the next table.

List of Legit Xbox Live Gold Codes

Truly purchased by us, these live gold codes are working and are purchased by us,enjoy and don't forget to leave us a comment if any of these codes are not working.

S.N Legit Xbox Live Gold Codes
1 BAC716984B697
2 C4F1F4C9E62EC
3 1376B11646B11
4 1DFBSZX56738
5 31D8BF7AAB661

Discount Codes for Xbox Live Gold

Being a student sucks!! Xbox has a vast majority of students in their audience base. This discount thing is majorly searchable by students and teenage gamers. Well whether you are student or a professional gamer if you are looking for discount codes than have a look here:

5 12D153****** CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Cheapest Xbox Live Gold deals

We have found some cheapest xbox live gold codes deals on, the sellers are old and trusted and we tested the codes by ourselves before mentioning them here. You will get 3 deals they are:

  • 3 months
  • 6 month (quarterly)
  • 12 month (annually)


Usually You will find codes under $20 and $25 / £15 and £20, but like i said before we have self tested each of the offers in so here is the list, do your check and you will be surprised by the price.


The normal 6 month xbox live gold offer from xbox will cost you around between $30 - $40 (£25 - £30) and our suggestion makes you much easier to go with this offer, have a look:


The regular 12 month deal will cost you $60 / £50, but the offer which we mentioned here is a much more better deal than the regular one. So instead of paying full, play smart and save some bucks.

How To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

There are several ways to gain these live gold codes but very few of them are legit and working. Use the above codes or try out our working xbox live gold code generator, if you don't know about code generators, well they are online tools which are used to free codes by doing some survey and human verification task. But still there are many xbox live gold code generators which also works with no human verification and no survey. Basically there are 2 working ways to get achieve free xbox live gold codes they are:

1. Using Working Xbox Live Gold Codes Generators

This generator can give you a game pass from 50$ to 200$ free, depending upon your task. You just have to complete some surveys and the live gold code is yours. Follow these steps to get your codes:

  • Step 1. Visit this website and click the amount you want. There are 50$, 100$, 150$ and 200$. Select as per your need.
  • Step 2. Enter your username or email address so that after completing surveys your generated xbox live gold codes is sent to your provided email address or username.
  • Step 3. Wait for some seconds, Generator will take upto 10 second to 30 second. After that, You have to complete some surveys. Click on any survey and finish it fully. You can complete 2-3 surveys for better results.
  • Step 4. Congratulations you have successfully generated your free live gold codes on xbox, next thing is you have to redeem this code to your xbox account in the redemption area.

2. By Using Above Provided Codes

Use the above codes, they are working and we keep updating them so in case if any of the above didnt work dont worry come back after some days and you will find an updated xbox live gold code list. This method is super duper easy. The only thing you have to do is just copy and paste. You can also try reddit forums and giveaways by youtube gamers, but this giveaways and having eyes on reddit forums always disappoints, that's why we purchase some codes and list here for absolutely free.

Try out these above two working ways, also don't forget to use cheapest deals for xbox, if you want to buy you can buy from we searched and tested some of them and found them on a very friendly budget so have a look at our recommendations above.

Some Xbox Codes Related Questions and Answers.

We picked some useful FAQ’s, if you have any query you can also ask us by clicking here. These questions are asked by many users from around the world wide.

Question 1. Is it legal to use xbox codes generators?
Answer: technically yes they are, but practically they are not.

Question 2. how to get free xbox 360 live gold membership codes?
Answer: Xbox doesn't separately provide codes for xbox 360, xbox live gold membership code will work for every xbox account. (except the old versions)

Question 3. how can i check my xbox live gold codes online?
Answer: to check your xbox live gold codes please visit the official website, login to your account and then head over to the code redemption section.

Question 4. how to get xbox live gold trials codes?
Answer: there are no trial codes, you can generate live gold codes from the methods provided above.

Question 5. how to redeem non-us xbox live gold codes with a vpn?
Answer: Use good paid vpn that works pretty well with Xbox, and login to after that head over to the redemption section and redeem your xbox live gold code.

Question 6. How long does the Xbox live gold codes last?
Answer: It depends upon the period you have selected while buying from xbox, the periods basically are 1month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month.

Question 7. how to put in xbox live gold codes on xbox one?
Answer: Like i said above, xbox live gold pass is universal and works with every device like: xbox 360, xbox one, xbox x and xbox s. (but we are not sure if they will work in older version)

Question 8. how to get free xbox live gold membership codes without surveys?
Answer: Giveaway! Please find the working codes which we have shared above. The above codes are purchased by us and are fully working and legit.


So, i hope you really liked this article, now it's up to you which way you wanna try out. Both the methods are working, you can easily generate your xbox live gold codes from the generator shared above or you can try the live gold codes. If you are willing to purchase by yourself then have a look at our cheapest xbox live gold codes suggestions. Thanks for reading this article.